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Freedom Forever is a volunteer run organization committed to training everyday warriors to partner in the shared cause of protecting children.

Our activism work includes education initiatives, policy advocacy, local & national demonstrations, investigative journalism and grass roots community engagement.


Are YOU who we are looking for?

  • Writers: We’re looking for writers who can write short blog post summaries for our digital media education and news awareness. 

  • Researchers: We’re looking for people who have experience researching online. Please let us know in the box below if there’s a particular area you have experience in. (Example: higher education, medical systems, law enforcement, data analysis, legal)

  • Investigative Journalism: We’re looking for people with experience in investigative journalism, investigative field research or experience in law enforcement. 

  • Digital Database Development: We’re looking for people with experience in data analytics or digital database development. We’re building a national database compiling extensive research and data points. 

  • Digital Media: We’re looking for social media management & content curators, digital media video editors, animator/VFX artists and graphic designers.

  • Grassroots Mobilization: We’re looking for social activists interested in making outreach and willing to organize in their communities. Our grassroots mobilization wing will be organizing local rallies and demonstrations. 

  • Event Planning & Support: We're looking for individuals who can help lead and/or assist in planning a variety of events to make an impact.

  • Fundraising: We love creative fundraising whether it’s seeking out e-commerce partnerships or establishing community partnerships with venues & businesses. 

  • Marketing: We’re looking for strategic awareness opportunities, help with promotional mailers and digital advertising. 

  • Administrative: We're looking for individuals whose gift is organizing processes or providing general support across a variety of areas.


If you’re ready to join our Freedom Warrior Text Team please sign up for Texts as well. We’ll only text you when we need your activism on urgent matters and for upcoming demonstrations. We’ve found Text campaigns are much more effective for activists and volunteers ready to get involved. We respect your privacy and will never share or sell your data. 

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