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Our advocacy work has been featured on national media and recognized by respected figures across the country, including:


 “You [Freedom Forever] have been a staunch teller of the truth when it comes to the situation on the border and the trafficking. God bless you for doing what you're doing."

-Sebastian Gorka

Former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States.

 “I want to thank Landon for helping to draw attention to this administration’s manmade disaster and the urgent need to secure the border immediately for the sake of our citizens, our Republic, and those who seek to come here.”

-U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (TX)

"Talk about a fighter... she's [Landon] tough as boot leather. She's one of the great advocates out there. She does incredible work. She runs one of the great organizations trying to stop child trafficking."

-Steve Bannon

Former White House Chief Strategist

"#1 Warrior in my book. She works on the local, State and National level. She’s really getting the work done. Thank you so much for being at the forefront of leading the way and for getting out there every single day, putting yourself on the line to educate our Country and for the incredible work you do.”


-Lynn Shaw

President of Lynn’s Warriors

“You’re so incredible! Thanks for sharing your talent to further this movement to end sexual exploitation.”

-National Center On Sexual Exploitation

"The parents are sure happy to have an advocate like you to be voicing a lot of this because a lot of them don't have the platforms and they don't have the guts or the willingness to come out and put themselves on the line so we thank you for doing it and brining us all the information as well."


-Tomi Lahren

Fox News Host

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