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Target Brandishes "Tuck-Friendly" Kids' Wear in Latest Prostration to LGBTQ Agenda

For 2023, Target has upped the ante with its annual Pride collection. No longer just rainbows and “social justice warrior” slogans, Pride paraphernalia has hit the childrens’ department, including new swimsuits with “tuck-friendly” and “binding” features. According to Target’s website, Pride pieces are “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.”

While some swimsuits aren’t explicitly advertised as childrens’ swimwear, the pieces are featured in Pride-themed displays which include childrens’ items.

This blatant marketing strategy is another tactic intended to expose children to transgender ideology via the the promotion of LGBTQ+ agendas. They seem to target children early as possible with sexuality. Early exposure to sexuality and sexual behaviors normalize adult behaviors for children. When children are intentionally advertised sexual identities and sex change garments, they accept this behavior as normal. It's not normal. These kids are more likely to be sexualized and exploited.

Multiple studies have concluded that premature sexual exposure can cause confusion, mental instability, and poor life satisfaction in children. Additionally, children are more likely to abuse each other, as they do not understand the implications of sexual acts.

Aside from in-your-face sexual grooming, Target's promotion of tucking and binding is grossly irresponsible. Not only do the practices encourage feelings of gender dysphoria, but they also pose a real, physical danger to children.

According to Medical News Today, side effects from breast binding include chest pain, scarring, overheating, shortness of breath, fluid build-up in the lungs, broken ribs, and back pain. These symptoms aren’t uncommon. A 2017 survey concluded that a staggering 97% of participants experienced negative side effects from breast binding.

The practice of genital tucking may be even more damaging. A 2022 article by Genspect explains tucking as “compressing male genitals into the groin… in some cases, actually pushing the testicles up the inguinal canals into the body… secured in place with tape, tight underwear, or a ‘gaff.’”

Little research has been done on the effects of tucking, but it is highly plausible that the practice leads to an increased risk of infertility due to the temperature requirements of male genitalia. Other adverse effects include rash, pain, and skin infections.

Target is actively promoting and profiting from the exploitation, mutilation, and psychological torment of children. We will not accept this. Boycott Target, return recently purchased items, and spread the word that anyone who values the protection of our children should do the same.

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