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Laws Passed: Pride Parades Not For Children

Governor DeSantis just signed, SB1438, a bill to protect children in the state of Florida.

The bill's language specifies that children cannot be "knowingly admitted to an adult live performance." It also levies fines in the amount of $5,000 for a first violation and $10,000 for "a second or subsequent violation." Shortly after DeSantis signed the bill, the Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast in Florida canceled its Pridefest for the general public. The group also canceled all plans for their "beloved parade." According to their Facebook page, it is now a "21 and older" event.

It is important to understand that this type of cultural war is largely won by the Left because people in the middle and on the right are afraid to recognize Gay Pride events for what they are. Too many are afraid to confront the Left's straw man arguments.

No one is saying the LGBTQ+ community cannot sponsor Gay Pride events. They just need to do them in private spaces or at venues for people who are age 21 and older. The good news is that people are beginning to speak out as evidenced in some of the responses to the group's FB post below. The war on children's innocence will only be won if we begin to deconstruct the language and the arguments from the Left. We cannot continue to allow the Left to "normalize" events with adult content by trying to convince us it is discrimination.

This bill and the one recently passed in Tennessee merely seek to ensure children are not subjected to "adult live performances" which are often dominated by overt lewd and sexualized behavior, BDSM paraphernalia, and nudity, none of which are appropriate for audiences where children are present.

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Chuck Marcelo/Dallas Voice

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also signed a bill in Arkansas restricting "adult-oriented performances."

Language from Florida's SB1438 is captured below.

Franklin, TN, a city in one of the most conservative counties in the state, voted 4-4 with the Mayor breaking the tie to grant a permit to this year's Pride Festival after several weeks of heated public debate and protest. Some of Franklin's aldermen "said they received threatening emails from people over this vote and repeated that figuring out which way to vote was not as easy of a decision in particular because of a potential lawsuit if they deny Franklin Pride the permit." These types of intimidation tactics from the Left and public unwillingness to set firm boundaries are precisely why the war on children is so difficult to win.

Organizations like and Gays Against Groomers are largely responsible for destroying narratives that gaslight the public into believing children are capable of managing adult content. However, it is important for Americans to continue to push for laws and policies at the state level that protect children's innocence. It is also important to be fearless. Do not be afraid to dismantle the narrative and confront the cultural creep that is destroying families and children.

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