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Oklahoma School Hires Drag Queen Previously Charged with Possession of CSAM as Principal

Dr. Shane Murnan, an actively performing drag queen, was recently hired by Western Heights School District as head principal for John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City. The school district has since defended the decision to hire Murnan, claiming that he underwent the "usual hiring practices."

Murnan was a fifth-grade teacher in 2001 when he was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and marijuana. Prior to his arrest, Murnan's electronic devices were confiscated by police. According to court documents, a forensic investigation showed there were sexual images of male children on his devices despite Murnan's apparent attempt to delete the files. The CSAM possession charges were ultimately dismissed after the court cited lack of proof that the male children were indeed minors.

On August 30th, 2023, Brayden Savage, Superintendent of the Western Heights Public School District sent out a letter to parents in the community. Savage reassured parents that the situation was being handled "with utmost attention and care." He cited Murnan's "outstanding reputation" and "more than 25 years" of service in education as reasons for retaining Murnan.

According to an article by REDUXX, the current Board of Trustees is not concerned with Murnan's past because the charges of CSAM possession were dismissed from his record. The Board was also allegedly aware that Murnan moonlights as drag queen Shantel Mandalay. The top priority for school officials should be to protect the innocence of children. While his record was expunged, the charges were found to be true. The following is an excerpt from an Aug. 29, 2023 V1sut substack column on the controversy and Murnan's history.

A history of CSAM possession is one that should be considered with utmost care when hiring people who work closely with children.

Excerpt from V1SUT Substack Article

Regardless of dropped charges, Murnan's drag "career" should be considered, especially in jobs where he would be working with children. Drag performances are often overtly sexual and such behavior could be a conflict of interest in regard to the protection of children—especially in school environments. Furthermore, it seems that Murnan's intention is to normalize LGBTQ lifestyles to the children in his sphere. His public Facebook profile under his stage name, Shantel Mandalay, is a testament to this intention.

Murnan isn't the only controversy that the Western Heights district is facing. V1SUT also dove into the financial turmoil currently plaguing the district in the same Substack article. According to the article, the state of Oklahoma took control over Western Heights in 2021 due to "years of financial mismanagement and non-compliance."

The alleged corruption of Western Heights on multiple levels is another glaring example of the failure of government-funded schools. Parents and caregivers must take responsibility for the safety of their children and be hyper-aware of the adults to whom their children are entrusted. The hiring practices of public schools often do not shield students from the hands of predatory adults posing as "educators." A school district plagued with financial corruption and woke activists are red flags that parents should consider before enrolling their children in a school.

Excerpt from V1SUT Substack Article

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters has since issued a statement on X (formerly Twitter) condemning Murnan's placement as principal, but parents must still voice their concerns to him. He states "Drag Queens in schools do not reflect Oklahoma values" in a video he posted on X. House Democrats in the state are calling for his impeachment in part because of his alleged "war on culture" in the state's public schools.

Parents who are concerned about Murnan's employment as head principal at John Glenn Elementary School may wish to contact the Oklahoma State Superintendent and the Western Heights School Board to voice their concerns.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters:


Western Heights Executive Director of Communications Dr. Christopher Culver: and

Western Heights Board Members:

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