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No, Sex Trafficking Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Child Sex trafficking is the subject of the summer film called Sound of Freedom. The heartbreaking movie tells a powerful and dark story of two siblings who were trafficked in Cartagena, Colombia. Exceeding expectations, the movie went head to head with two blockbuster mainstream films the weekend it was released, "grossing over $14 million in 'pay it forward' and direct box office sales." Since its July 4 release, it has grossed more than $53 million, an impressive number especially in light of the seemingly coordinated effort to suppress and discredit its subject matter.

Sound of Freedom has been in the works for years now. It is an "American action film directed and co-written by Alejandro Monteverde, starring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp." Produced by Angel Films, Sound of Freedom is a fictionalized account roughly "based on the true story of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard and his work to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia."

Landon Starbuck Leads March to the Border: Sex Trafficking of Minors is Real

According to information on the website, Landon Starbuck led one of the largest coalitions to gather at the Southern border on record in an effort to raise awareness on the issue of the sex trafficking of minors. An excerpt from the event is provided below:

"On September 25th, 2021, the largest coalitions from across the country gathered in McAllen TX, to respond to the mounting national security crisis taking place at the U.S. southern border. The peaceful rally and march were organized by The Founder & President of Freedom Forever, anti-trafficking activist, Landon Starbuck. This event was covered by Tucker Carlson (Fox News), Breitbart, OANN, and others."

"The March initiative included eyewitness testimonies, and first-hand accounts from a diverse variety of speakers. McAllen locals, trafficking survivor leaders, political candidates, activists, and border patrol agents alike, gathered to put pressure on policy makers and implored government leaders to implement evidence-based solutions. March to the Border drew national attention and created awareness exposing the trafficking & exploitation related to the border crisis."

So, yes, child sex trafficking is very real and Starbuck is at the forefront of addressing the problem. It is frustrating, to say the least, that legacy media outlets refuse to cover the story truthfully.

Information Warfare

If one were to look at some of the headlines on the Sound of Freedom, it might lead you to believe that child trafficking is nothing more than "fantasy." The movie serves as a good example of what the mainstream media often does with the subject of children who are sex trafficked, seeking to discredit those who speak about the unspeakable. The media seems to be working overtime to gaslight people into believing that the sex trafficking depicted in Sound of Freedom is some kind of Right-Wing, tinfoil hat conspiracy conjured up on social media.

Information warfare is very real and becoming more of a threat with each passing day. Information is weaponized daily to make people think sex trafficking is either rare or a figment of the imagination. No. Sex trafficking is not only real, it is a multi-billion dollar industry here in America. Globally it is a $150 billion industry and the United States is allegedly the most lucrative commercial market for sex trafficking in the world.

The headlines from legacy media are not only purposely misleading but shameful and dangerous. For reasons I cannot explain, these headlines show just how determined the media and other entities are to gaslight Americans into thinking the sex trafficking industry doesn't exist.

If one were to lift the veil on this coordinated operation, it isn't just the media. The media coordinates with our government and many other politically and financially motivated entities to disseminate information that is often deceptive and manipulative. They are all accomplices in the crime of exploiting and harming children.

DOJ and FBI Know Sex Trafficking of Minors is a Significant Problem

So, if the content of Sound of Freedom is pure conspiracy theory, then how does one explain recent press releases put out by our own DOJ and FBI. I guess they are kooks too? I don't think so. A cursory search of the DOJ or the FBI's websites show press releases that reveal any number of nightmarish scenarios involving children. These are arrests of predators and traffickers who exploit and harm children. But the media never talks about it and the Biden administration continues to strip policies that protect illegal alien children and families who illegally cross our borders.

According to the FBI's Aug. 1, 2023 press release, Operation Cross Country XIII located 59 actively missing children and is

"working with its state and local partners, identified and located 200 victims of sex trafficking during a nationwide enforcement campaign called Operation Cross Country. The operation also led to identification or arrest of 126 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offenses and 68 suspects of trafficking were identified or arrested."

"Through targeted operations and collaborative efforts, Operation Cross Country achieved significant milestones in recovering victims, apprehending offenders, and raising public awareness about these heinous crimes. The FBI and its partners located 59 minor victims of child sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation offenses and located 59 actively missing children during its 2-week operation in July."

During Operation Cross Country, minor victims were found in states all over the country, not just states that border Mexico; Georgia, California, Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, to name just a few. UncoverDC reported in May that the Heritage Foundation used geo-tracking technology to show that NGOs have have helped illegal aliens "move to every congressional district in the U.S. except for one."

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland comments in the press release on the harms of sex trafficking to children. He says, "Sex traffickers exploit and endanger some of the most vulnerable members of our society and cause their victims unimaginable harm." FBI Director Christopher Wray adds his two cents in the same press release, "Human traffickers’ prey on the most vulnerable members of our society, and their crimes scar victims – many of them children – for life."

The results of Operation Cross Country are typical of such operations. Minors are regularly victims of sex crimes, working in strip clubs, or forced into debt bondage, or made to perform sexual acts for predators both in person and online. Minors are regularly trafficked to the interior United States and forced into domestic servitude, or forced labor earning rock bottom wages.

What the Experts on Illegal Immigration Say About Biden's Open Border

Todd Bensman, who is the Center for Immigration Studies Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow, writes extensively about the horrific situation at the Southern border. He says the Biden administration's main goal is to "move people as quickly as possible" across the border. That includes the movement of unaccompanied minors and children who are "adopted" by people pretending to be family so they can more easily claim asylum, gaining access to the U.S. through drug cartels and NGOs.

Both the drug cartels and NGOs are willing accessories in the crimes committed, moving minors not only across the border but flying and bussing them into the interior United States. These children disappear into the fabric of our country, where they often become low wage earning slaves or are victimized by predators who hold them hostage or sell them to perform illicit acts both online and in person.

Biden's open border policies are partially responsible for the increase in crimes against innocent children. When the volume of aliens crossing the border rises, so does the volume of children who cross with them. Traffickers are adept at intimidating minors into submission, hiding them in fake families, and exploiting the many policies that the Biden administration has implemented to move things along. Say what you want about Trump, but his border policies were tougher than most. Trump focused a great deal on protecting children. While campaigning for 2024, Trump has called for the death penalty for child predators and traffickers as a part of his "Agenda 47."

The Biden administration, on the other hand, has systematically dismantled everything Trump did to protect minors from this scourge. One of Biden's most egregious changes was his removal of Trump's rapid DNA testing at the border on May 31.

Rapid DNA testing protects children because it ensures that the children who are crossing actually belong to the families with whom they cross. Monica Maple, a retired assistant special agent in charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations, described her feelings about the change: “I’m thinking to myself: Horror. Horror. Horror.”

Bensman appeared on Saturday's War Room to explain:

"The Trump administration realized that family units were crossing because there were these legal loopholes and he was trying to close up these legal loopholes. The loopholes were advantageous to family groups that were coming in if you had a kid."

"It was the golden ticket in that meant that children became a commodity that would could be bought and sold, and often were by people who didn't have children to get in over the border. Trump ended that by putting in place rapid DNA familial testing. At the border, you would have to wait in line, get a swab on your cheek, and 45 minutes later you know whether that kid was theirs or not. Most of the people in those lines who had fake kids with them broke right then and there. They didn't even go through it. They just go hands up, 'OK, you got me.' I'm not doing this.' "

The Biden administration ended rapid DNA testing at the border because the the hour was too long. They would congregate down there and the Biden administration wanted to just move them through. I think that this is probably the most terrible policy changes Biden has made for children," Bensman continued.

There are countless other ways the Biden administration has contributed to the child trafficking problem at our nation's borders. Some of them are covered in FreedomForever's Mar. 28, 2023 article on Biden's Border. Biden's DHS has done nothing but embolden the cartels and increase the numbers of children whose lives are and will be endangered by traffickers and other predatory individuals and groups.

The Biden administration's also abuses asylum law by exploiting and bending the rules o "humanitarian parole." The Biden administration uses humanitarian parole to legitimize illegal immigration which allows children to disappear into the vast network of people who would and do exploit them. The humanitarian parole program requires a sponsor, some of whom may be predators who understand how untethered these minors are. Other children run away and disappear. With this system, there is no follow through on the back end. Once an individual gets a court date, they can be carted off by some NGO. In many, many cases, no judge ever sees them again.

Jaco Booyens: Activist

South African film maker, Jaco Booyens, has dedicated much of his life to getting the word out on the issue of child sex trafficking. He directed the filme, 8 Days, a film on the commercial sex trafficking of minors. His younger sister was trafficked for 6 years and was sold an average of 10 times a day. Booyens important Ted Talk discusses how easily manipulated human beings are when it comes to being "sold into sex slavery."

Booyens explained in a 2018 Breitbart interview that "an 'undocumented' child is much easier for cartels and human traffickers to sell over and over again. Undocumented children are much more vulnerable, “Because nobody’s looking for that child,” said Booyens, “That child is a ghost — doesn’t exist.”

The average age of a sex trafficked girl is 12 years of age. “Over a half a million children are trafficked in the U.S. every day,” says Booyens. Only one percent of the crimes are reported. Booyens explains that a "pimp draws $200k-$250k a year in salary, tax-free, from one child." Child trafficking exists, in part, he says, “because good people do nothing.”

Freedom Forever is an all volunteer organization that focuses its energy and time on preserving the innocence and safety of children. Freedom Forever is now also offering crisis support for survivors and families. Please call the Crisis Resource Line at 615.307.0152 or email our resource specialist at

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