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Moms of ‘Trans Kids’: The Modern Day Munchausen By Proxy

Updated: Mar 1

The Social Contagion of Transitioning Children is not only undeniable, it’s Much Worse Than We Thought: Freedom Forever's investigative team uncovered the alarming reality inside the largest online group of Trans Moms.

Gender ideology isn’t just being pushed by medical and academic institutions. It’s being pushed by Mothers caught up in a social contagion which offers them a quasi-religious community full of purpose, affirmation, praise and fellowship. One Mom found herself in the largest online group for Mothers of so called “trans”, queer, LGBTQIA+ and gender-non conforming kids but she wanted out after discovering a sick culture of mothers seeking to transition their toddlers, fast track surgeries and other disturbing behavior all while pushing a clear left wing political agenda.

The group is called Serendipitydodah. The Washington Post ran a puff piece stating “This group might save your LGBT kids life”. It’s run by an activist mom named Liz Dyer who works to support far left activist groups like The Trevor Project, a group that offers private chats between adults and kids about their sexuality and the left wing activist organization pushing radical pleasure based sex ed, GLSEN. Over 36,000 Moms belong to this private Facebook community and it’s growing by the day as the social contagion to transition children increases. Many moms found this group after it was promoted by cast members of the show, “Schitts Creek”. What we uncovered from inside this group was concerning and disturbing.

Moms are fast tracking transitions for their kids which in their group recognized language, they call their “reasons."

What you’re about to see illustrates the extremely harmful, dangerous ideology they’re pushing on vulnerable kids who are struggling with mental health issues. It’s all based on woke gender theory which promotes a path of confusion, self-rejection, dangerous drugs and sex change surgeries on kids. Like all medical experiments carried out on children throughout history, the abusive results are revolting and end with serious, irreversible side effects. It isn’t just morally wrong, it’s undeniably harmful. Without waiting any longer, let’s dive in to what we found…



Pattern 1: Autism + Transgenderism, the "Double Rainbow"

One disturbing trend you quickly notice is the sudden explosion in toddler to grade school aged kids being transitioned along with a clear pattern that shows children with autism being led to believe they’re transgender. They even have a group within the group called “Mama Bears Double Rainbow Group” for Moms who have “LGBTQ+ kids who are also autistic."



Pattern 2: Multiple LGBTQ+ Children in the Same Family

Here you can begin to see another pattern emerge where moms report having multiple children who are LGBTQ+ or where they ponder how the world will react to both parents and child being LGBTQ+. I have to stress to you that this is only a sampling of numerous posts just like these. Soon, you’ll begin to see how serious the damage being done is…


Normalization, Promotion, Celebration

Now we move on to one of our most disturbing finds: Evidence of surgical and hormonal transitions being normalized, promoted and celebrated.


As you can see here, recommendations for surgeons who will do sex change surgeries on children are a regular occurrence within this group.

Anything but celebration of this, including just a cursory questioning of if this is healthy, is regarded as unwelcome among this group.

One post in particular caught my eye within this sea of barbarity. In this post from a Mom in the group, she freely admits to taking her 8 year old child to a teaching college where she says a group of 6 people in the exam room wanted to look at the child’s genitals. This is just a sliver of the horrors these children are being subjected to.

Discussions of chest binders for children are a regular occurrence within this group as well. And again, I can’t stress how many extremely young children are being transitioned within this group.


Remember just a decade ago when society agreed that we shouldn’t assign genders to specific toys or clothes when kids are little because they’re just having fun being a kid? Well that’s not happening in this group. If a kid dares to like a toy or clothes that are considered too masculine or feminine then many of the Moms you come across in this group believe they MUST be transgender!


As if they aren’t getting enough attention or words of encouragement for the situation their “reasons” are in, they can apply to be featured on National Television. One such offering to be featured on Nickelodeon was posted by the group’s founding member.


Political Underpinnings

The founder, Liz Dyer, makes it very clear that her group only allows one political view to be present. The group went so far as to endorse Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Members of the group have posted photos of their kids with President Biden as well. Overall, the group seems very aware that this is as much a political group as a radical gender theory sounding board and some have even encouraged others to break ties with their conservative, Republican family members.


President Biden might not be able to remember what state he’s in, whether he’s President or Kamala is or whether the UFOs he had shot down were kid’s science projects or aliens but have no fear, he remembers kids pronouns (after getting a briefing on them).


Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are seemingly inescapable within the group. Nearly everywhere you look, you see clear mental health issues that need to be addressed. A small sample of these tragic circumstances can be seen here.



Questions of Future Fertility

Within the group you’ll find that conversations about fertility are extremely uncomfortable with some parents asserting that doctors encouraged them to bank their child’s sperm at age ELEVEN before they go on blockers or hormones in an apparent admission of the fact these often cause infertility.

As you can see in the response to this mother, any minor crack in their fantasy brought about by a doctor or family member is designated as either blatant transphobia or “internalized transphobia”. In my estimation reviewing the group, it seemed to me that anything except for full throated acceptance of their radical views was seen as the ultimate form of bigotry.


Explicit Literature

You might be wondering at this point… Who do these people listen to? What are they reading? Where are they getting this? Many in this group have endorsed books like “Gender Queer” for both parents and children. Excerpts of “Gender Queer can be seen below as well.


Below you’ll see an excerpt from the book these moms were recommending called “Gender Queer”. The sirens were added by us but the actual book is fully uncensored. Child readers are exposed to graphic sex acts and so called “kink”.


Other books include “Some Girls Bind” and of course books being sold by the groups founder.


You didn’t think we were going to get through this without her selling something, did you?


Thanks, "Schitts Creek"

Now that we know what they’re reading, their politics and their mental state, you might be wondering about how they found this group and what other activities they enjoy. If so, we’ve got you covered and the answer is as bizarre as you’d expect… A tremendous number of users within this group thank the TV show “Schitts Creek” for their discovery of this group. That’s right, this alarming group was featured warmly on a major TV show.


Drag, Pride and More

Favorite extracurriculars featured within the group are more predictable. They include Drag Queen Story Time, Kids in drag and attending pride.


One extracurricular we found was less well known though. In the photo, you see that a mom has had her child’s photos digitally altered to make their daughter look like a boy.