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Freedom Forever Offers to Help Transgender Celebrity Jazz Jennings Escape Abusive Environment

The open offer would provide Jennings with the support to focus on improving mental health and resources for treating gender dysphoria in hopes that Jazz can experience a life free of manipulation, coerced trauma and gaslighting.

Landon Starbuck, the founder and president of Freedom Forever, an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the epidemic of child sexual abuse and exploitation, recently appeared on the Timcast IRL podcast to expose the horrifying situation of transgender celebrity Jazz Jennings and offered Freedom Forever’s full support for Jazz to escape and recover.

During the podcast, Landon discussed a horrifying display of exploitation and abuse in the season seven trailer of “I Am Jazz,” the TLC reality show that follows Jazz through daily life, struggles with mental health and pressure from Jazz’s mother Jeanette.

The trailer disturbingly depicts Jeanette telling Jazz “you’re your own worst enemy” while admitting to the audience that she’ll physically choke Jazz if Jazz stops using a dilator to maintain her surgically constructed “neo-vagina” when Jazz attends Harvard in the fall.

Neo-vaginas involve surgically inverting a man’s penis and use skin grafts from other parts of the body, such as the scrotum, abdomen, intestine or other tissue, to create the vaginal lining. The body treats neo-vaginas like open wounds, meaning constant dilation is needed to ensure the cavity remains open. That means you have to insert a physical object daily to ensure the wound doesn’t close. For Jazz and many others, this process can cause pain or discomfort, especially when forced to perform dilation at unexpected times, such as in the middle of the night. In the trailer Jeanette openly admits to waking Jazz up in the middle of the night to make sure Jazz does this painful act. Jeanette went on to say that she would do it herself if Jazz refused to do it. In case you missed that, yes, Jazz’s mother said she would painfully insert a physical object into Jazz’s open wound if Jazz refused to do it. Jazz also recently said, “I don’t feel like me, ever.” That’s a heartbreaking reality of many who have been victims of an industry profiting off sex changes and hormones for minors. It’s not too late for Jazz to find a supportive environment where Jazz can begin to heal from Gender Dysphoria, medical exploitation and the trauma endured.

Landon Starbuck stated, "Jazz was a child who was coerced into chemical castration and irreversible surgical procedures. Jazz is a victim of medical experimentation and medical exploitation. Jazz’s parents have caused untold harm to their child. Instead of having the gender dysphoria treated, Jazz was exploited a myriad of ways to serve the agendas of adults seeking to benefit. I’ve unfortunately met hundreds of abuse victims who’ve withstood extremely harmful home life situations and the clips I’ve reviewed cause me to believe that Jazz has experienced similar abuse. Jazz has my full support and the full support of Freedom Forever should Jazz decide to escape and seek a healthier environment.”

To view the extended length clips from the episode covering the harms of gender ideology please WATCH HERE.

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