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  • Jennifer Hooper

Biden Open Border Policies Allowing Modern Day Child Slavery

Recently, a whistleblower who previously worked in the Health and Human Services bureaucracy under President Joe Biden, accused the Biden Administration of being a ‘Middleman’ in a child sex trafficking operation. Tara Lee Rodas spoke to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement in April of this year stating:

“My goal is to inspire action to safeguard the lives of migrant children, including the staggering 85,000 that are missing.”

“Today, children will work overnight shifts at slaughterhouses, factories, restaurants, to pay their debts to smugglers and traffickers," Rodas continued. "Today, children still are sold for sex. Today, children will call a hotline to report they are being abused, neglected, and trafficked.”

“Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the US Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.”

When Ms. Rodas volunteered to help the Biden Administration in 2021, she had no idea there was a crisis at the Southern Border. She only thought she was going to place children into loving homes, not into the hands of “sponsors”, some of whom are criminals and traffickers and would submit them to child slavery. These children aren’t walking into the “American Dream”, but they become captives with no awareness of their rights or help from law enforcement. This is why she blew the whistle.

Tara Lee Rodas continued to testify that to turn this ship around, the House Judiciary Subcommittee needs to:

- “Commit to oversight, transparency, and accountability.”

- “Stop retaliating against whistleblowers. Stop retaliating against the truth tellers who are trying to help.,”

- “Change the culture of speed over safety and revamp the vetting process of Sponsors and have Case Managers who are investigators, data analysts, certified fraud examiners.”

President Biden’s open border policy is allowing an unprecedented number of unaccompanied immigrant children into the U.S. The number of minor aged illegal immigrants has increased dramatically over the past two years. According to CBS news, the number entering the U.S. government’s shelter system was nearly 130,000, just in 2022.

Journalist and Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow, Uzay Bulut, outlined these allegations on his organization’s website, claiming that, “The criminal practice of trafficking and abusing hundreds of thousands of migrant children who cross the Southern Border is now, thanks to the open-border policy of the Biden administration, apparently ‘normal’ inside the U.S.,” Bulut states. Many are encountered at the border, however “at least 85,000 children are believed to be missing. Many of those children are raped”, he continued.

Bulut quoted reporting from Fox News' Rachel Campos-Duffy:

“Over the last two years, this country has become an international hub for child trafficking. And the US government is behind it. Under Biden, hundreds of thousands of children have come into this country illegally. Once they get here, they are sold for sex, used for cheap labor, or forced to join gangs.”

Bulut concludes, “to stop the child sex trafficking industry, Congress needs to change the immigration laws and rein in the executive policies that are incentivizing the mass illegal migration.”

The federal government is well aware that these children are in the U.S. The Department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for making sure these children are supported and protected from trafficking, is being pressured by the Biden White House to move the children out of shelters and release them to “sponsors”.The vetting process to check on these “sponsors” is, at the very least, rushed. A recent New York Times article stated that, “Overall, during the last 2 years, the agency lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children.”

Although the children enter through Mexico, most of these children are from Central America, nearly 1/2 coming from Guatemala where poverty forces them to seek outside sources of income for their families. These children are sometimes sent to the U.S. by their parents, as it is easier for a child to cross the border than an adult. These children from Guatemala speak Mayan dialect, preventing them from asking for help in English or Spanish.

Parents who are in poverty are hoping the U.S. will provide jobs and shelter for their kids, who will be able to send support or “remittance” to those left at home. Instead, these children are forced into child labor in factories and hazardous jobs by “sponsors” who are no longer monitored or vetted in an overwhelmed system. There are also many criminal cartels on the Mexican side of the border who bring children in, and then demand money from them.

What can be done to stop this exploitation of children in our country?

-We can talk about what’s going on, keep the topic on the forefront of conversation.

-Contact your representatives and insist that our government change it’s policies regarding our border.

Please support FreedomForever. Freedom Forever is an all volunteer organization that focuses its energy and time on preserving the innocence and safety of children. Freedom Forever is now also offering crisis support for survivors and families. Please call the Crisis Resource Line at 615.307.0152 or email our resource specialist at

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