We are currently working on releasing “The Freedom Model”, a survivor informed, prevention based, activism manual. This manual will be available FREE to the public. We believe The Freedom Model has the capacity to change the landscape of child exploitation prevention work forever. This book will be a teaching tool and resource to activists, families, and communities.

We are creating a comprehensive United States map that activists can use to access information for necessary intervention points. The Map will archive current laws, policies, national practices, and make note of systemic gaps which must be addressed.

This map will serve as an effective database and will provide you with tangible tools for action-based solutions.  Our team is currently working together with public and private partners to build this comprehensive database.

At Freedom Forever we are working to provide the best educational resources and current research available. We look forward to announcing upcoming partnerships that  amplify survivor efforts, and pave the way for change in specialized categories.

As an organization, we seek to address the individual, institutional, and cultural grooming and exploitation of children. We educate on online safety, foster care solutions, and more.

We address head on the increased vulnerabilities associated with the destabilization of identity in children and the detrimental effects of dismantling strong, bonded families.

We know that empowered and equipped families with strong mother and father bonds are the best safeguard to grooming and exploitation.

Our work to expose, and respond to the global, risk-inducing “comprehensive sex education” and child sexual rights agenda is one of our ongoing efforts. We are also determined to combatting the "pedo-genda" (the effort to protect pedophiles + normalize pedophilia).

Our ongoing investigations of the trafficking & abuse of children through our southern border continue on. 

Prevention work is the key to ending the war of exploitation. Rescuing children, as important and necessary as it is, does not solve the problem. This is why Freedom Forever was born. We address this crisis by its roots.

We are a volunteer run organization and we do not take salaries. Your financial contribution goes directly towards our missions and our Freedom Forever Farm Fund; a safe home for children with holistic care.

Please consider partnering with us with a one-time donation or by becoming a monthly Freedom Warrior partner. You’ll receive updates on our mission progress via our monthly newsletter by signing up to be on our email list or by texting FREEDOM to 59925.