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Open Borders = Open Trafficking

On September 25th, 2021, the largest coalitions from across the country gathered in McAllen TX, to respond to the mounting national security crisis taking place at the U.S. southern border.

The peaceful rally and march were organized by The Founder & President of Freedom Forever, anti-trafficking activist, Landon Starbuck.  This event was covered by Tucker Carlson (Fox News), Breitbart, OANN, and others.

The March initiative included eyewitness testimonies, and first-hand accounts from a diverse variety of speakers. McAllen locals, trafficking survivor leaders, political candidates, activists, and border patrol agents alike, gathered to put pressure on policy makers and implored government leaders to implement evidence-based solutions. March to the Border drew national attention and created awareness exposing the trafficking & exploitation related to the border crisis.

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In 2021 alone, more than 2 million immigrants were apprehended for illegal entry. Among the unvetted, were traffickers, human smugglers, cartel operations, and civilians with criminal histories. With the escalation in illegal crossings, come unprecedented levels of child trafficking and exploitation.

From the multitudes of individuals that crossed the border in 2021, an estimated 150 thousand were unaccompanied minors.  Many of these children were as young as 11 months old. A recent FOIA request revealed that The Biden Administration has lost contact with almost 1/3 of minors in custody.

This Administration has failed to report the number of children trafficked, sexually assaulted and exploited coming through our border. There is no oversight or accountability for child welfare once detained, relocated or having custody transferred to subcontractors.


Illegal crossings are projected to increase as immigrants are making their way towards our unsecured borders from all over the world. The majority of media platforms have significantly underplayed the severity of this crisis. Despite reaching a 21 year high in border encounters, there has been a 96% decrease in mainstream news coverage.

Failing to secure our border fuels the epidemic of modern-day slavery.  While America is a safe haven for refugees and deserving applicants from around the globe, the immigration process gone unchecked provides traffickers with an unvetted pipeline for their lucrative multi-million-dollar industry.

As humanitarians, and defenders of human dignity it is a moral imperative that we defend those that have been caught in the cross hares of policy and politics. This is a human rights issue, and we must take a stand.

Thank you to all of the organizations and individuals that partnered with us for this mission. We are grateful to have your support and will continue the work that we started together.

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