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What Is CSE?

"Comprehensive Sex Education" isn't what you'll hear it called - but the meat of it is teaching an obsessive quest for sexual pleasure, beginning with teaching preschoolers how to masturbate. CSE is a deep and winding body of work that includes exposure to graphic pornography at a young age under the guise of sex education, teaching radical sex theories/fetishes to children, and in its extreme - its proponents are among those seeking to normalize and de-criminalize pedophilia. 

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CSE in Williamson County Schools (Tennessee)

It takes a lot of work to dive in on what is in our schools. This is just the beginning, but honestly, if this is all there is, it's WAY too much! I encourage you to pray before clicking the button and proceed with deep caution.

Search Your School Library Database

Do you know what's in your kids' school libraries? Use the Follett search tool to select your school then search by title or author name for any books that you are concerned may be present in your school library

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Comprehensive Sexual Education is spreading throughout the country. Your school, school board, and even state Departments of Education will deny it - that's only because they use many different names for this initiative

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Texans Wake Up

Texans Wake Up is one of the best resources out there on CSE (comprehensive sexual education) in our schools. Want to know what CSE is, how to identify it in your school, and some already identified examples of CSE in public schools? Texans Wake Up has laid a lot of groundwork that can be pulled from for Tennessee as well.

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Concerned Parents of Texas

Concerned Parents of Texas have also put a lot of work into this fight. We don't have to re-invent the wheel, we just have to get it in motion!

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