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The Freedom Forever Crisis Resource Line is a FREE lifeline for those in need of support and resources relating to child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. We help by offering guidance, support and resources whether you're in crisis or in need of a pathway to restoration. 

If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, please report to local law enforcement immediately.

With just a phone call or an email, the Freedom Forever Crisis Resource Line offers a compassionate and confidential space to receive support. Our trained crisis counselors are ready to listen and guide you. We’re also the first crisis line in the the state of Tennessee providing support and resources for survivors of transgender trafficking + medical exploitation. If you’ve been abused or exploited as a child, we’re here to help. 


We understand that crisis situations can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling isolated and unsure of where to turn. We believe that everyone deserves healing, justice and restoration. Help is just a call or email away. 

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