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Obscene books are making their way into the hands of kids via school and public libraries. Freedom Forever is dedicated to protecting children by uncovering which titles contain obscene material.

Click any title below to review the content of the book. Additional titles are added as they are found. Remember, this is obscene content - proceed mindfully:

*In 2021, A Tennessee mom started the Hope + Logic Project to expose obscene and pornographic material in her kids' public school libraries. We are working to combine those efforts with the above obscene book list. In the meantime, you can review more samples of inappropriate books commonly in school libraries.

Have A Title To Add?

Missions like these require all hands on deck to stay up to date. If you are aware of a book that should be on the list, please submit it for our review

Search Your School Library Database

Do you know what's in your kids' school libraries? Use the Follett search tool to select your school then search by title or author name for any books that you are concerned may be present in your school library

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