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It has become clear that fashion brand Balenciaga is unwilling to take responsibility for and make right an egregious wrong in fetishizing children in their recent holiday ad campaign. The brand must be held accountable.

Collectively, we the people, can apply pressure to one of their largest distributors- Nordstrom- to discontinue selling the Balenciaga line, which will send a clear message that children are not sex objects and brands that exploit children will not be supported.



Suggested SUBJECT: Drop Balenciaga


Dear <<Insert name of Store Manager>>:

I'm sure by now you know about the egregious ad campaign that Balenciaga launched during the busiest shopping season of the year. Fetishizing and sexualizing children is not a gray area that can be ignored. As a concerned customer, I am asking that you hold Balenciaga accountable by dropping them from your store and by doing so, send a strong message to the world and other retailers that there is NO ROOM for brands that fail to safeguard the most innocent among us - children.


Consumers around the globe, including myself, have vowed to shop elsewhere until Nordstrom does the right thing and DROPS Balenciaga from its stores and online catalog. I will be watching carefully along with the rest of the world. We hope you do the right thing and stop supporting a company that sexualized little children.

Signed -

<insert your name>




  1. Copy/Paste the above subject and body into a new email

  2. Update the greeting with the store manager's name

  3. Email to your local Nordstrom Store Manager

    • Find contact information for your nearest Nordstrom:

      • CLICK HERE and enter your zip code

      • The local store manager email address will be included in the store information

  4.  "cc" on the same email

  5. Personalize how you see fit.

  6. SEND! And re-send daily until Balenciaga is held accountable by this department store giant.

Social Media Call To Action

If you've ever, at any point, posted a “square” in your profile for a cause, this is one that really needs you. This is one that comes with no risk- no backlash.

Balenciaga went too far. They showed themselves for who they are. Their ads made clear to us that they don't care about kids and aren't concerned with protecting them from sexualization.


A line has been drawn. Sides must be chosen.


Please download/screenshot this tile to share on your platforms. Be sure to tag other accounts and use #cancelbalenciaga.

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