We are a value based organization, prioritizing the family, freedom, social morality, and justice. Freedom Forever was born to fulfill a specific mission. There is a tremendous need for a counter-trafficking and anti-exploitation organization that also addresses social, cultural, political, and religious factors at the root of these issues.






We empower individuals to fight effectively by equipping them with activism tools, a support system, and a comprehensive strategy.

We advocate for national standards that empower the individual. We support educational and community awareness and resources for children who come many different walks of life.

We fight to protect parental and familial rights, so that children can experience a childhood free from any kind of exploitation, and thus protected, grow into healthy and responsible adults.

Our Founder Landon Starbuck, and our Subject Matter Expert, Jenniesue N. Jessen Ph.D.
are available to speak nationally on cultural issues, and child advocacy. 


Landon Starbuck

Founder and President

Elizabeth Kasyanyuk

Executive Director and Vice President

Jennisue Jessen

Subject Matter Expert Member, U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking


Through united efforts, we can help those whose freedoms have been stolen.