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There is a war on children with an epidemic of child sexual abuse and exploitation spreading in The United States of America. The demand to abuse and exploit children has never been greater. There are many organizations dedicated to the rescuing of children but few working to stop this epidemic before a child needs to be rescued. While rescuing kids is good and necessary, it doesn’t address or solve the epidemic of child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.


We must address the growing DEMAND to sexually abuse children right here in America. GROOMING children increases the supply of vulnerable children primed for abuse and fuels the demand by normalizing abuse. We’re here to STOP THE GROOMING. There are seemingly countless ways that children are exploited in America but few are met with effective PREVENTION action. That’s where Freedom Forever comes in. We’re here to stop the root causes of child exploitation and educate the public on both the methods being used and how they can help us with our missions. 


Our #1 mission is to identify the vulnerabilities and access points so we can INTERVENE BEFORE more kids are groomed, abused and exploited. When we succeed it means that there are less children who need to be rescued. Filling this critical gap in child safety is why Freedom Forever was born. 

We’re a volunteer run organization. That means we don’t take salaries.


We invite you to join our missions by becoming an active volunteer and donating to our missions. Your time and financial contributions go directly toward our mission operations and a percentage of all donations go towards The Freedom Farm Fund; a future safe-home in Tennessee. 

Our activism work includes education initiatives, policy advocacy, local & national demonstrations, investigative journalism and grass roots community engagement.




As long as there’s a demand to abuse and exploit children and a supply of vulnerable children left un-protected, we will not be able to stop this epidemic. That’s why we set out to grow our activist army of everyday people who are ready to do something about it. Will you join us?

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