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Freedom Forever is an American non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse, trafficking and exploitation in ALL FORMS.

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While rescuing kids is good and necessary, it doesn’t address or solve the epidemic of child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. We must address the growing DEMAND.


Our #1 mission is to identify the vulnerabilities and access points so we can INTERVENE BEFORE more kids are groomed, abused and exploited. When we succeed it means that there are less children who need to be rescued. Filling this critical gap in child safety is why Freedom Forever was born. 

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We recruit and equip warriors for children to combat exploitation in all forms and at all levels, from the home to the schools to the state house to the White House!

Freedom Forever combats the exploitation of children by educating, training and mobilizing effective activism across the United States. In our first year, our activism has received widespread national recognition.

  • An investigation that exposed The Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic. This investigation ultimately resulted in a law being passed in the State of TN to protect children from dangerous, irreversible sex change surgeries and chemical castrations.

  • We just launched the first of its kind child protection news feed, The War On Children, which keeps the pulse on news regarding child exploitation and trafficking.

  • Freedom Forever is conducting ongoing investigations into the trafficking and abuse of unaccompanied children easily brought here because of our rampant illegal immigration problem.

  • Our prevention strategy work has reached 10+ MILLION Americans on social media and given them tangible actions they can take to prevent abuse and exploitation.

  • We sponsored Survivor voices so they can give powerful testimony and impact statements that result in real world change.

  • We organized, led and supported rallies to mobilize communities in response to the increase of child exploitation, child sexualization and pornographic books given to children.

  • Our founder helped contribute to a comprehensive legislative outline (THE CPR ACT) which addresses the current threats to children which some States are using as a template to inspire legislation from.

  • We're currently building out the first of its kind United States Digital Child Protection Map and beginning our advocacy for child predators to receive harsher sentencing.

  • We’ve trained activists nationwide to protect children in their state and advised major organizations on strategies to combat child exploitation in all forms, including the dangers of gender ideology.

  • Freedom Forever is the ONLY non-profit in Tennessee combatting ALL forms of child exploitation including the medical exploitation of children via sex changes.

  • We take on the sensitive issues most child protection organizations refuse to take on out of fear.

  • Freedom Forever is also proud to support victims, survivors and families who are in need of resources or support. That work is difficult but incredibly needed in a time such as this.

...and our work is only getting started!


Justice for victims means real consequences for perpetrators. We won’t let them get away with it any longer. We lead grassroots mobilization efforts and demonstrations across America in response to the most dangerous assaults on children. We extend our reach and efficacy by joining forces and partnering with other organizations, businesses and leaders who align with our mission and values. We’ve partnered with the people who are the best at what they do so we can provide the leading resources and expand our mission together.


Our priority is to protect the most vulnerable group of people on earth: CHILDREN. We do this by following our Survivor informed model of prevention based activism: THE FREEDOM MODEL. Our model & an upcoming handbook we’re working on will serve as an activist training manual with a comprehensive strategy of effective activism to combat the war on children. We break down the complex issues in a way that can be easily understood and in a way that empowers everyday people to rise up and become warriors for children. When confronted with the horrific reality of what’s happening to children in America people often say, “what can I do?”. The Freedom Model is  the answer to that question.

As long as there’s a demand to abuse and exploit children and a supply of vulnerable children left un-protected, we will not be able to stop this epidemic. That’s why we set out to grow our activist army of everyday people who are ready to do something about it. Will you join us?


Sign up now to become a Freedom Warrior and we’ll get you your first briefing soon!


Every dollar effectively goes towards intentional advocacy.


Thank you!

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