Freedom Forever is an American non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children and preserving freedom.

We exist to effectively combat the demand for child exploitation.

We bring clarity to complex issues by educating and informing on current social and cultural standards that affect our children, our communities, and ultimately, our world at large.

There are many organizations that are focused on the physical rescue of children from trafficking and exploitation, but few exist to specifically address and combat the underpinnings of this ever growing industry.

There are societal factors that render children vulnerable; these combined vulnerabilities create channels for this nefarious industry to thrive.

Freedom Forever’s approach to counter trafficking is to address these factors at the root level. 

When a generation is equipped with the proper prevention tools, the cases of child exploitation decrease exponentially.

We are resolved to seek accountability from institutions, policies, and individuals that perpetuate abuse and harm, the most vulnerable members of society.




Strategic national partnerships increase our reach and efficacy.

We are joined by a growing coalition of activists, survivors, and organizations nationwide.

We are thankful for the generous donations from people that believe in our mission.

Every dollar effectively goes towards intentional advocacy.